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Marketing Tips for B2B ecommerce from the World of B2C

As you know, marketing a B2B e-commerce site is much different than marketing directly to a consumer. Your website and content need to cater to business executives and provide downloadable information that can be discussed among decision makers.

Why You Should Be Advertising on Instagram and How To Get Started

Marketers that have completed successful Instagram ad campaigns will tell you that this form of advertising definitely works. There are 700 million active users on Instagram, your audience is there. Every smart marketer knows to meet their target audience where they already are. This works far better than attempting to corral like-minded people into one area.

How To Choose The Best Cloud Storage Option For Your Business

You might ask, why even use cloud storage? Storing your information this way will benefit you in a number of scenarios. It makes it possible for an employee to work from home or abroad. This technology makes it possible for two people to collaborate on documents with someone else simultaneously, in two different locations. Storing your data in the cloud could become a part of a disaster recovery plan, giving you the ability to access your data even if your company has been damaged by flood, fire or tornado. There are numerous benefits including helping your company work more efficiently. The cheapest cloud storage will give you the most bang for your buck.

Emerging Trends of Micro Data Centers

The Internet of Things can be defined as an interconnected network of real-world physical objects capable of communicating without human interaction or an IP. It is also defined as a network of physical objects that have technology embedded in them so they can interact with themselves or their external environment. Some businesses in the market are estimating immense growth of the micro modular data center industry by 2020. The internet develops quickly in a short period of time. Micro modular data centers may be the best way for the IoT to grow, as traditional data centers will have far too much latency and lead to frustrated consumers.
Story_default_image_grey Hack Recovery Sales Page

Hack recovery is a multi-stage process for restoring a site, application or server back to working condition. It is also ascertaining the impact of damage and the retrieval of stolen data. A hack recovery specialist is needed to initiate the restoration process after you've been subject to an attack. Recovery varies depending upon the attack; issues can range from system abuse to stolen data.

What is Malware Removal?

Has your website been infected or blacklisted? Malware removal is essentially the scanning and removal of infected files on your website or computer. The process is a series of actions that must be taken following a hack or injection of corrupted files. Malware is malicious software typically used for illicit reasons that disturbs the normal function of websites, apps, and computers. Its removal is essential to the security of your information. The software is used by hackers to gain access to your system in order to gather sensitive data, system access, and further extortion purposes. Therefore, we initiate the removal process immediately after you contact us.

Why SUVs Continue To Reign the Realm of Car Buying

SUVs have become popular for a number of reasons. The vehicle type has a characteristic style and is known for how effectively it carries a large amount of cargo and passengers. Plus, it has towing capabilities which comes in handy when traveling. Ford Motors has found that adults aged 35 to 44 are the largest growing group of SUV buyers. The main buyers of SUVs overall are in the Gen X group. A shift has begun where millennials are moving into the prime years to have families. Ford Motors states that the sales of both large and small SUVs are growing at 11% and 4% respectively.

About Mercedes Benz

Ah, the classic Mercedes-Benz E class. Mercedes diesel cars in Europe will have the latest generation of engines. It was voted as Best Business Car of the 2016 Telegraph Car Awards The E 220d features a surprisingly spacious interior and a gorgeous interior that’s easy on the eyes.

How to Replace Honda Civic Cabin Air Filter

It's rather easy to replace your air filter in your Honda Civic. more than likely you won't require the assistance of anyone else. To make it even easier, you don't even need any tools to complete the job. Last but not least, this job will take you no more than 5 to 10 minutes. There are numerous benefits to replacing your air filter. You can get better gas mileage, reduce emissions, enhance acceleration, and prolong engine life. Improve the overall drivability of your vehicle. If your air filter is dirty it's going to affect how your car drives. Regarding fuel economy changing a dirty air filter can improve fuel mileage by 14%. Acceleration can be improved as much as 6 to 11%.

Analyzing the Top Motorcycle Manufacturers

Ah, the thrill of the road. New motorcycles touting sleeker design and greater efficiency have enthusiasts chomping at the bit for their release. Some major manufacturers well known to the market such as BMW and Harley Davidson have already released their motorcycle magic for the year. Other manufacturers like Indian Motorcycles and Hero Motocorp are still in the development process with photos of their prototypes being tossed around the internet. But what is a motorcycle without power? There are many innovations being made to motorcycles to make them more powerful and intelligent. Here are some interesting picks for new motorcycles that are getting a lot of buzz in the headlines. Motorcycle lovers rejoice this year as there is much to be excited about in the way of new design and innovation.

How To Respond To Disrespectful Children

Your child is not listening to you. What do you do to correct their disrespectful attitude? How do you handle it when their little body is fuming with anger? You know you have to raise a resilient adult who needs structure and rules. It’s fortunate that you’re not the first person to have this problem. Strong emotions have to be expressed, but your child needs to learn how to do that in an acceptable manner. You love your child and you may want to build a friendship but that comes later in life. For now, focus on being the disciplinarian and not their buddy.

How to Detect Sleep Apnea in Children

A child’s performance at school is one of the many facets of life that are affected by sleep apnea. Hyperactivity and other undesirable behavior could be due to the quality of sleep your child experiences. Children want to do the best they can and they likely have no idea how much their sleep has to with the way they feel on a daily basis.


Katana Haley